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Professional services in the fields of technology, promotion, and training

ABOUT Janran

Analyze, Solve, Educate; these are the foundational pillars of JanRan Tech Services.  We seek to empower our customers by simplifying technology for all non technical users.  We provide analysis for your business or personal need and create a plan to solve or consult on actions you can take that lead to resolution.  We do this with you in mind every step of the way and provide education and training to help you keep up with the constant changing world of technology. 

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CLIENT Spotlight

Spotlighting some of the best clients we have serviced.

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Happy Childhood

The client focus is tremendous with a very detailed approach to identifying what the client wants.  The effort is commendable, the follow-up throughout the process is something to be noted not just to complete a task but to also create a great product and teach the business owner while improving their ability to expand their reach into the community and customers.  JRTS is very approachable and very attentive to say the least.

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